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2008-06-04 01:57:58 by Cladicus-Claveman

WEBSITE IS BEIN PUT OFF FOR A GOOD WHILE NOW!.. My new origional series I'm making looks like it could bring me a lil bit of Newgrounds fame if I can get it all together and work harder to get better. Slowly flash making is becoming more and more of a big part of my life. If anyone has suggestions for heros I should use in SPRITE WARS then tell me and I'll see wat I can do, and same wit bad guys. I am now in the making of episode 2 of SW (sprite wars) and it will definitely be longer than the first, and the main thing for this one is to thicken the plot. I hope this series is one of the sepping stones to the internet fame that has become the american dream, lol. I'm doing my best, and I think SW will have 4 episodes... It depends on the kind of reviews I get, whether I should keep going.. Anyways I will have episode 2 of SW as soon as possible.

Thanks newgrounders.
Ricky Cox, aka Egofalcon


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2008-07-31 15:39:51

Dude your good with animating.But with stick heres some tips.1.Work on Walking
2.Work on moving hands And 3.Try to make a Series that is going to make front page.Comment me back if you want. Keep up the good work.