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2007-10-22 19:18:55 by Cladicus-Claveman

HEY YALL FANS OF MINE!! (i wish) I just wanted to give the heads up that i'm gonna make a website soon, and i'll keep you guys updated on whats gon on till i get it done.. its gonna have my animations, my friend's animations and another friends drawings. It'll proally have some other random stuff there too so it could be pretty kool. Thnx for reading this! Till next time my friends.. peace out


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2008-06-03 16:50:20

alright I might drop by ur site now and then... and you know that 2nd sprite movie you just made... please tell me Fox is going to be in the next episode?

Cladicus-Claveman responds:

Fox eh? hit me up wit sum good sprites and I'll see wat i can do


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