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WEBSITE IS BEIN PUT OFF FOR A GOOD WHILE NOW!.. My new origional series I'm making looks like it could bring me a lil bit of Newgrounds fame if I can get it all together and work harder to get better. Slowly flash making is becoming more and more of a big part of my life. If anyone has suggestions for heros I should use in SPRITE WARS then tell me and I'll see wat I can do, and same wit bad guys. I am now in the making of episode 2 of SW (sprite wars) and it will definitely be longer than the first, and the main thing for this one is to thicken the plot. I hope this series is one of the sepping stones to the internet fame that has become the american dream, lol. I'm doing my best, and I think SW will have 4 episodes... It depends on the kind of reviews I get, whether I should keep going.. Anyways I will have episode 2 of SW as soon as possible.

Thanks newgrounders.
Ricky Cox, aka Egofalcon


2007-10-22 19:18:55 by Cladicus-Claveman

HEY YALL FANS OF MINE!! (i wish) I just wanted to give the heads up that i'm gonna make a website soon, and i'll keep you guys updated on whats gon on till i get it done.. its gonna have my animations, my friend's animations and another friends drawings. It'll proally have some other random stuff there too so it could be pretty kool. Thnx for reading this! Till next time my friends.. peace out